Essay on Athletes Use Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Since the early 1960’s, athletes have used anabolic steroids to enhance their performance, mixing substances such as heroin and cocaine creating a drug named a “Speedball” (Denham 56). In the US heroin and cocaine are illegal due to the effect these drugs could have on a person 's health, but athletes were combining these two drugs just so they would be able magnify their skills within the sport they play. From high school sports to professional, athletes have used all sorts of performance-enhancing drugs. Ever since different sports associations such as the MLB, NBA, NFL etc. have hammered down on the use of performance-enhancing drugs with the help of the federal government, the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Some believe that with or without these restrictions on performance-enhancing drugs, they will still be used within sports. The use of performance-enhancing drugs should not be allowed in sports.

Performance-enhancing drugs better known as PEDs are substances used to enhance the performance of an human during a physical activity. PEDs are mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders. Performance-enhancing drugs could range from substance such as EPO, human growth hormone, anabolic androgenic steroids, the more powerful anti-inflammatory drugs and stimulants, also including all sorts of non-performance enhancing, illicit drugs like cannabis, ecstasy, and cocaine (Smith, et al 3). Some of these substance contain caffeine and amphetamines to increase…

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