Athletes Of National Collegiate Athletic Association Essay

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Athletes competing in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) schools on scholarship may receive money deemed appropriate by individual schools. These scholarshipped athletes can receive things such as free tuition, books, rooming, and in some cases meal plans. There are rules in the NCAA handbook that make sure that athletes aren 't being paid, or aren 't receiving any benefits for being athletes on top of their scholarships. You recalled the proposition to make it legal to pay collegiate athletes on top of scholarships had been turned down. You help inform people why that was the correct choice.

You mentioned that the NCAA made $989 million in 2014. That is a substantial amount of money and I agree that the association should be able to keep the extra money because it was their tactics that got them that money. Our country is a capitalist country (for now at least) and it encourages this sort of behavior. So like you said, the NCAA shouldn 't have to give more than was originally promised to those beneficiaries.

A problem you stated in paying athletes is that if an athlete puts in all of the same time and commitment as the other athlete but isn 't successful, that it would be unfair for the others to receive higher pay. The case of the unsuccessful athlete is unfortunate, but they shouldn 't be awarded the same as the successful athlete. To put it into perspective, you argued NCAA didn 't have to share their benefits right? You mentioned, "Whether it is…

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