Athletes And Non Athletic Athletes Essay

1249 Words Nov 29th, 2015 5 Pages
The dumb jock stereotype has troubled athletes for as long as anyone can remember. Athletes are seen as unintelligent jocks that get free and easy rides through school. They never seem to work hard at anything academically and yet they earn A’s from their professors. This belief has led to athletes being stigmatized by their non-athletic peers who feel as though their needs and accomplishments are ignored in favor of those they view as intellectually inferior to them. However, if one were to really look at the situation from both sides, it would raise multiple questions as to whether or not athletes and non-athletes differ from each other, or whether athletes get more privileges than the non-athletic student body. Some people would be quick to say yes that athletes are more privileged than others. And others would say that non-athletes have it easier and shouldn’t complain. But the fact is, athletes do have an advantage over average students that makes their paths through college easier to manage. Athletes and non-athletes have been silent rivals ever since the introduction of sports. An athlete is usually seen as belonging to the popular crowd while non-athletes are considered nerds and dorks. Anyone who plays a sport is placed on a pedestal for his or her accomplishments and is admired by thousands, but when a non-athletic team, such as an academic decathlon team, accomplishes something their efforts are often minimized or ignored altogether. When one group is…

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