The Importance Of The Peloponnesian War

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Leading a war always requires from the enemies a long period of preparation in order to be able to win and to gain freedom. Thus, Athens also wanted to become free, independent, and recognized by others. Thus, in order to build Athenian freedom, before the Peloponnesian War Athens had to conquer and enslave others. Only in this way could remind others about their power and to establish the freedom of Athens. However, the freedom that they were able to gain was immensely fragile and delicate since it had no substantial foundation.
Before Peloponnesian war was started, the Athens were equally regarded with Sparta, who then became their main enemy. The parties seemed to have the same opportunities and power. However, as it stays in the book by On Justice, Power and Human Nature, “Athens had too little farm to support its large population and had virtually no forests” (Thycydides, xii). Thus, their needs for supplies could only be satisfied with the help of other countries with such resources. Accordingly, there Athens needed to hold those countries in fear,
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As Sun Tzu indicated, “if you do not continue long, your resources would not be used up”, otherwise the war requires much products and financial support (Tzu 86). This aspect has to be considered on the planning stage. However, the Athens had no possibility to satisfy their long-lasting needs with their own products. Thus, it was necessary for them to take the required provision by their subjects, enslaving them and making them pay and deliver supplies. This was also the situation in which freedom of Athens before Peloponessian war had to be supported by slavery and taking freedom from other people by means of constant wars and continuous attempts to remind about Athens’ military power. They had to destroy other cities for symbolic reasons in order to reach their

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