Athena 's Birth Of The Trojan War Essay

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Athena’s birth is unique. Zeus had a premonition that Metis would give birth to a son who would overpower him. In knowing this he decided to swallow Metis while she was pregnant. She gave birth to Athena in Zeus’s belly, and pushed her out of his head. She came out wearing armor with a spear. Zeus was proud that it was a girl. He gave her great power, and became his second. Before being born, Metis told Athena that she was going to have the power over craftsmanship, war, wisdom, and being a patron. Athena’s siblings were Apollo, the god of music, Artemis, the goddess of nature and virginity, and Ares, the god of war. Her friends were Nike, they were close, Odysseus, and the Greeks, helped them in the Trojan war. Athena had enemies like Arachne, challenged her in weaving, Poseidon, competed for Athens, and the Trojans, she was against them in the Trojan War. Artists depict Athena in armor, and a shield with Medusa’s head on it. She also has an owl around her because that is her sacred animal. History shows that Athena created the olive tree, spiders, and Medusa. She was one of the Greek gods that took part in the choosing for Paris, and she helped the Greeks during the Trojan war. Athens was a city named after Athena.
Heracles was known as a god with great strength. Since he was the son of Zeus and Alcmene, he is the half-brother of Athena. As a baby, Hera, Zeus’ “first” wife, tried to have him killed. He survived but fell from mount olympus. As he was crawling through the…

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