Evolution Of The 80's

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During the 1980`s the creation of gaming consoles went to an all time high, making it a very explosive time for gaming in general. Atari is know as one of the first gaming companies making it a major influence in the expansion of gaming. Now, with all the different types that were developed, the one that really stands out in the 80`s is the Nintendo home gaming system, which continues to be a success today. The Atari the starter of the huge out pour of games was developed in the early 1970`s, it really began to jump start with the constructed of the Atari 2600(“Atari”). This was the a home console with the ability to give out 8-bit range and had Atari ST. Though the success did not last long with the game crash of 1983 the Atari brand …show more content…
Then he thought up a plan to have his stepson Minoru who had already lived in America to start up a office there to cut out the middle man. They set up the office and the product was doing good, but they needed more of a sales network,so he found some old friends he went to school with to assist him. Al Stone and Ron Judy were from Washington University they had and tried a bunch of get rich schemes over the years during their schooling and beyond(“Rise”), so Minoru saw them as a good way to go. After a while they found a company wanting arcade games they eventually went to bars, hotels, and even pizza parlors this was ok for a while but the games sent out by Nintendo became somewhat stale. They needed something more so they came out with radarscope, but in the end it was a failure. The game was fun at first, but no need to play it again. This was a big hit for Minoru he had to come up with something fast he decided to get a new game shipped from Japan as a last ditch attempt to make it in America. Japan quickly responded and was able to develop the now well know Donkey Kong. No one at first could see this being a game that 's worth playing but soon the game took off becoming very successful, but there was a speed bump (“Rise”) . Universal saw Donkey Kong as a rip off of their product King Kong, the case was soon overruled …show more content…
The launch of the Playstation was a sensation. in the very first weekend, more than 100,000 units were sold (PlayStation®) . This was the start of playstation becoming one of the most well known to date, this was all caused by the successful negotiation to get the company that made the chip for nintendo 's 64. With their cooperation the company was able to surpass all the former consoles with the higher quality graphic and game types. The Sony 's branch came so far that the company is still around as one of the top gaming systems sold.With a new system created every few years that seem to trump the last they will be around much longer and so will

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