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Assignment 1: Employment-At-Will Doctrine

Shanekia Jordan Professor Kimberly Ford LEG 500: Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance 10/29/2013

Employment-At-Will is a policy that most states in the United States conform to in terms of employment. “At-Will” is when an employer can end a relationship with an employee at any given time, for any reason with the exception of an illegal one, for no reason without having any legal liability. At the same time, the employee is also free to leave their job at any point, for any reason, without any legal consequences. “At-Will” employment does not have a definite period of time, and can be altered by a written contract from the
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The ethical theory being put to the test in this scenario is the free market ethics. In terms of the company, the main responsibility is to enhance the value of the shareholder’s investment in the company (Halbert & Ingulli, 2012). Based on the exceptions of the at-will rule, the company would not face any backlash from John’s termination. John was not fired due to illegal discrimination, or retaliation for protected activity, but instead he placed the company at risk of losing one of their important investors. Jim sent out an email to other salespeople protesting a change in commission schedules and bonuses, suggesting a boycott. Jim can be legally terminated on the grounds of causing disruption in the workplace amongst other employees. Jim’s case would not fall under any of the exceptions to the at-will rule and therefore the company would not be liable if Jim was to attempt to sue. If we were to take a look at deontology, one would say that Jim’s action was based off what he felt was right. However, Jim is causing a disruption in the workplace by sending an email to the other salespeople on company time and on the company’s computer. Ellen started a blog to protest the CEO’s bonus regarding no one being able to receive a raise for the

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