Assisted Treatment For Opioid Use Disorder Essay

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Medicated Assisted Treatment
How can Indiana as a state better regulate providing treatment for opioid use disorder? Currently prescription drug usage and overdosing in Indiana has been on the rise. Approximately 46 Americans die per day from over dosing on prescription drugs. Medication assisted treatment and the fact that while it is effective, some people disagree with it because they believe it is just substituting one drug for another causing most people to get addicted to that drug. Currently Indiana state law prohibits the establishment of any new Opioid treatment programs in the state.
Current Indiana Polices.
In Indiana alone there are 13 opioid treatment programs under state regulation. To administer the treatment each worker has to be certified by the FFSAD for Mental Health Addiction. (Indiana General Assembly Indiana Regulation of opioid treatment programs (SEA 450)2007). Indiana state code 12-12-18-05 states that: 5. (a) An opioid treatment program shall not operate in Indiana unless:(1) the opioid treatment program is specifically approved and the opioid treatment facility is certified by the division; and(2) the opioid treatment program is in compliance with state and federal law.(b) Separate specific approval and certification under this chapter is required for each location at which an opioid treatment program is operated.( Indiana state law 12-23-18-1 states that: (a)…

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