Assisted Suicide As A Terminal Patient Essay

1310 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
In addition to health care cost, having the right to decide for or against an assisted suicide as a terminal patient will diminish the emotional toll that death and dying can put on both the patients and their families. The very emotional toll and the feelings of becoming a burden are significant that terminal patients go through. They fear intractable pain and worrying about becoming baffled thus not capable of making their own decisions. Terminal patients also are concerned with becoming reliant on outside care services (Ohnsorge, Gudat, Rehmann-Sutter, 2014). Making decision about life is what an independent person does everyday. People with these same personalities find living with a terminal diagnosis insufferable due to the lose of self-control, and an unwillingness to ask for assistance in everyday task (Gamondi, Potts, & Payne, 2013). It is this agonizing emotional toll that terminal ill patients must deal with. If assisted suicide was a legal choice, then patients would have the opportunity to express their final good-byes when they felt ready. Although patients must first have the time needed to process the information regarding their terminal diagnosis, heath care professionals should give patients information on services for end of life treatments. This should include information on assisted suicide as an option. What palliative care is and what receiving palliative care really look like needs to also be included during this patient education process.…

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