Assisted Suicide And Death With Dignity Essay

1644 Words Nov 24th, 2016 7 Pages
Life sucks sometimes, and there is not much us humans can do about it. However, living is what we try to do, right? A rising question for sick patients in some places is whether to take place in an assisted suicide or not. Assisted suicide is when a patient agrees to allow the physician injects a great amount of drugs, or other deadly substances, killing the patient. This, although only legal in seven states in the United States (Oregon, Washington, Vermont, New Mexico, Montana, California, and Colorado), is a rising topic in America. Assisted suicide is usually wanted by terminally ill who do not want to go through any suffering; this is also called “death with dignity.” If I become a physician, I do not believe that I would be able to assist a patient to die; instead, I would try everything I could to help them live, or even give them more time with their loved ones. As a person, and as a Christian, I do not believe that it is my call when my time of death comes around, but instead it is in God’s timing. Surprisingly, however, I found out that many people, despite religious views, do not agree with my opinion and would allow the patient to go ahead and commit suicide to end their suffering. I decided to ask some different people, both those that may encounter this topic in their work, and others who may not. Assisted suicide is such a serious matter, and could it possibly become a “thing” across the whole country? As a start to my research, I allowed high school juniors…

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