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Westminster International College

Module Title: Professional Development I

Programme: BABS

Semester: Two

Academic Year Period: October 2013 – January 2014

Lecturer: Mr Francis Asirvatham

Date of Completion and Submission: 16 December 2013

Submission Method: Online via Turn It In with one hard copy to the Examinations Department

Assessment Type: An individual type-written assignment

Assignment Question:

‘Change has never been so fast.’

That this is an age of change is an expression heard frequently today. Never before in the history of mankind have so many and so frequent changes occurred. Never before in the history of mankind have so many and so frequent changes occurred.

Richard Whittington
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(400 words) 2. The current business environment highlighting the key environmental factors that affected the business/management in recent years.(800 words) 3. Highlight how the business/management adapted to the changes in the business environment.(800 words) 4. What are the foreseeable challenges lies ahead and recommendations for this business? (500 words)
Maximum words count: 2,500 words

Malaysian Qualifications Agency Learning Outcomes: • Understand the factors that influence learning strategies. • Understand the communication strategies that enable effective communication, oral and written. • Co-operate effectively with others. • Undertake library and research tasks. • Understand and demonstrate the academic and personal skills required for successful study at undergraduate level. • Improve their preparation for, and performance in, formal assessments

Notes on Plagiarism & Harvard Referencing:


Plagiarism is passing off the work of others as your own. This constitutes academic theft and is a serious matter which is penalised in assignment marking.

Plagiarism is the submission of an item of assessment containing elements of work produced by another person(s) in such a way that it could be assumed to be the student’s own work. Examples of plagiarism are:

• the verbatim copying of another person’s

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