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LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY Form/LPUO/AP-3 (The format to be used for Planning the academic activities other than Lecturers/Tutorial/Practical like Assignments, Case study, Presentation, Quiz, Projects, Class tests, industrial visits, teaching practice, court visits etc. to be undertaken as a part of the continuous assessment for the Course)
Home Work No. 02
Lovely School of Business Department of Management
Name of the faculty member: Aashish Sharma
Course No: MGT631 Course Title: Customer Relationship Management
Class: MBA/BBA Semester: IV/VI Section: Specialization Batch: 2010-12
Max. Marks: 20 Date of Allotment: 27th Feb 2012 Date of Submission: 22nd March 2012
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| |Feedback system used by companies-4 |
| | |businesses for customer| | |Marks |
| | |support system. |(b) Suggest some suitable support system to | |Important Considerations |
| | |b) To enable them frame|enhance customer relationship and provide | |Assignment must submitted via UMS |
| | |a closed loop |complete references of source of information. | |only. |
| | |describing each system

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