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Education Preparation
Eunsook Kim
Grand Canyon University: NRS 430V
June 14. 2015

Education Preparation Nursing still lies in the middle of evolution. When we look back from the foundation of nursing, this powerful waves move continuously from a small nursing skills class several decades ago up to the philosophy’s degree in nursing practice today. Since nursing is the holistic care of a human being, as caregivers, we must continue to invest time and effort into providing more advanced nursing to our holistic beings for their better health. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), nurses must be 80 % baccalaureate prepared RN workforce by 2020 (AACN Face Sheet, 2015). Therefore, nurses must endeavor to
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One of the big differences in education preparation between these two is a research for patient care. BSN education introduces new ways to approach patients and enables students to utilize research ability based on professional nursing practice. As can be read in American
Association of College of Nursing Act, it also identifies BSN program details including research.
One of their missions is to make nurses become national asset by advancing education system, which implies research ability to search many resources (AACN, 2012). The journal of Advanced Nursing speaks that research is an essential element for further discussion and suggestion in professional identity (Joakim, 2002). Manley Kim from the Journal of Clinical Nursing supports this concept for advanced practice by highly educated nurse, and states that nurse attributes to advanced practice as a researcher (Manley, 1997). These activities facilitate the collection of evidence that aid professional development (Garbett, 2007). Therefore, nurses graduated from BSN program will have more competencies in practicing nursing with the research capability. Another competency for education preparation is a leadership that also described in
ANA, which guides current nursing society as a leadership institute. At ANA, “we empower nurses to be professional, competent leaders in health care”. A leadership is celebrated

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