Essay on Assignment 301.

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Assignment 301

Ai) People communicate for many different reasons. One of the main reasons that people communicate is to understand each other. Without the ability to communicate nobody would understand what is expected of them and we wouldn’t know the needs of others. People also communicate to share their wants, needs and feelings. In order for us to adequately care for someone we need to know and understand what they expect from us and how they feel about different situations. Without communication we wouldn’t be able to have a conversation therefore wouldn’t know anybody’s likes or dislikes. We communicate to give and receive support and to express our thoughts, ideas and information. By doing all of this we also make and develop
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Using gestures is also another good behavioural method of communicating and can be used with either verbal communication or non-verbal.
Avi) It is important to respond to an individual’s reaction when communication as you can ensure that they have understood you. This will help to develop a stronger relationship and will allow the individual to feel heard and accepted.
Avii) An individual’s background will influence their communication methods greatly. For example, if an individual hasn’t been listened to in the past or has been ignored then they won’t feel that they will be listened to now. It also depends how they communicated in their hometown. For example, if they’re from somewhere where everyone spoke fast they will have difficulty having a conversation with someone who spoke slowly. However they would continue to talk fast irrespective of the community they now live in. Depending on where in the UK they’re from will also depend on what accent they have – this can lead to a possible communication barrier as many people find it difficult to understand people with strong accents. If they are from another country then they will have another language that they speak and may find it difficult to

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