Assignment 3 Week 6 Essay

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Week 6 Assignment 3 Research Plan
HSA505 Health Services Planning and Management
Dr. Point-Johnson, Instructor
Strayer University
Berlin Boxley
May 13, 2012

Alternative health care is a growing industry in medicine. Canada has one of the highest rate of their population seeking alternative medicine in the U. S. According to the National Population Health Survey by Statistics Canada (1998-99) found that 3.8 million Canadians aged 18 and over had consulted an alternative health care provider at least once during the previous 12 months.
This is just one state out of 50 for the U.S. Imagine the popularity of this type of treatment being sought as medical attention for sicknesses.
A definition frequently referenced in research comes from the
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In developing a marketing plan, my primary function will be to understand the needs and desires of my customer, select or develop a product or service that will meet the customer needs, develop promotional material, and ensure that the product or service can be provided effectively at a profit.
The use of professional services is essential to the success of a small business. Professionals can provide knowledge and expertise in the areas where I have very little or no knowledge at all. They can round out my management team to ensure my business is operating efficiently.
These professional services are not limited to an may include: * lawyer; * insurance broker; * accountant; and * banker.
Making a profit is the most important some might, say the only objective of a business. Profit measures success. Profit can be defined as revenues-expenses=profit. So, to increase profits, you must raise revenues, lower expenses, or both. To make improvements, you must know what is going on financially at all times.
Technology is key to the success of any business. Alternative medicine /treatment can be introduced using many forms of technology. In addition to data-based approaches, technology-driven marketing incorporates the communication networks made possible through the Internet. Traditional marketing messages communicate service or product benefits up front. Since the health care industry centers

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