Assignment 2 Essay

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Diploma level 5 assignment 2
Adult Residential Manager

Describe how the following legislation and policies informs, impacts and affects your role - include real life examples you have dealt with to support the implementation of them.

Legislation / policies
501, 503, 504, 505, 513, 514, 517
Data Protection/confidentiality
The data protection act (1998) covers the confidential storage, retrieval, and handling of verbal written and electronic information to protect the rights of the sets out guidelines and describes what is considered to be good practice in relation to disclosing information and breached of confidentiality where this serves to protect the individual or others from harm.
In my role as a care home
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For example someone may be unable to make a decision when they are depressed but may be able to make the decision when they are feeling better. It may be the case that the person lacks capacity to make a particular decision at a particular time but this does not mean that a person lacks all capacity to make any decisions at all. For example a person with a learning disability may lack the capacity to make some major decisions, for instance where they should live, but this does not necessarily mean that they cannot decide what to eat, wear and do each day.
It is very important to remember at all times that lack of capacity may not be a
Permanent condition. Assessments of capacity should be time and decision specific.
The MCA applies in England and Wales to everyone who works in health and social care and is involved in the care, treatment or support of people over 16 years of age who may lack capacity to make decisions for themselves.
It is based on best practice and creates a single, coherent framework for dealing with mental capacity issues and an improved system for settling disputes, dealing with personal welfare issues and the property and affairs of people who lack capacity.
It puts the individual who lacks capacity at the heart of decision making and places a strong emphasis on supporting and enabling the individual to make his/her own decisions. If they are unable to do this it emphasises that they should be involved in the decision making process as far as

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