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CIPD Unit of Assessment – 09003

Unit title | Recording, analysing and using human resource information | Level | 3 | Credit value | 3 | Unit code | 09003 | Unit review date | Sep-11 | Qualifications link | Certificate in Human Resource Practice | Aim | To enable the learner to record, analyse and use accurate records relating to human resources and understand the legal implications of record keeping |

Unit abstract
The overall focus of this core unit is to develop the learner’s understanding of the important contribution which accurate data, whether stored manually or electronically, can make to the HR function. The legal implications of storing personnel data are also addressed. The unit will enable the learner to
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Unit content
Indicative content is provided for each of the learning outcomes of the unit. The content is neither prescriptive nor exhaustive but should enable achievement of the learning outcomes.

1. Understand why accurate employee records need to be maintained
Use of information: Why and how organisations use information to inform decision making in the wider context and how information on employees contribute to that process. The organisation and legal requirements for keeping records, for example, absence, contact details, contractual arrangements, staff turnover, human resource planning, employee performance and skills, health and safety and the adherence to government regulations.
Data collection: For example, surveys or questionnaires to measure staff satisfaction; government websites such as the UK Statistics Authority to predict labour shortages and requirements.
Analysis and interpretation of data: purpose of information collection and storage, for example to identify patterns of staff absence or identify trends in staff turnover; the requirements of the audience, for example, operational, strategic, tactical, functional objectives, e.g. expansion or contraction of a particular department,

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