Asperger 's Syndrome : Autism Spectrum Disorder Essays

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There are many reasons why I have chosen to discuss the topic of Asperger’s syndrome now called autism spectrum disorder. When I first learned about the disorder, it was only labeled Asperger’s syndrome, there were no in between that is what you were. The reason my paper is on this topic is because my daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in her kindergarten year of school. She was shy and not a very social child, but acted like the other children for the most part. Her issues that stuck out the most were being social, having things completed the same way, and her clothes and socks felt funny to her. She was funny about the way her socks touched her toes and they had to be on just right or there was a melt down to come. Getting dressed most mornings was a challenge and time consuming, but not always.
When Alexis was three she began to look and read the set of encyclopedias we had in our den. As she grew older and actually read the words and understood the words that she was reading she then would recite the information and reviewed it with us on a daily basis 's. Her father and I thought she was just eager to learn and was going to be more intelligent than the average kindergartener. We were right to some extent, but did not know what was about to hit us when she actually had to attend school everyday. People who do not know about something are fast to judge and push you away rather than ask questions and learn about the topic independently. Alexis, was a…

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