Essay on Aslamzeb Nebosh IGC3 March Final

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International General Candidate’s Observation
Certificates Sheet
(2011 Specifaction) IGC3-THE HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION sheet number _01 of _08_

Student Name Hazrat Ullah ___________ Student number 00262421 Place inspected KARKON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Date of inspection 27/11/014
Hazards and consequences
Control Measures Immediate and longer terms action
1-Workers carrying building rocks from dumping point to foundation basement (distance 30 mtr approx)
Increasing risk of manual handling will lead to server back injury over a period of time. WRULD, fatigue.
Carry out manual handling
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Risk of accidental hit of conveyor basket leading to serious head injury.
Hard hat to be provided to the operator to reduce the risk of head injury.
Barricade conveyor belt area

Provide training on importance of wearing personal protection equipment while at work.
Regular work place inspection.

01 day

01 week

On going
11- Material Conveyor operator was seen exposed to total vibration of the machine due to poor seat adjustment and machine vibration. Possible risk of whole body vibration resulting in serious nerve or joint problem, neck and back pain, stomach upset and muscle weakening due to long term exposing to vibration.
Carry out ergonomic risk assessment
Provide frequent breaks and job rotation to reduce the effects of vibration.
Seat is to be modified to a more comfortable seat preferably with cushion to minimize the exposure of vibration.
Carry out surveillance of workers exposed to vibration
01 day
2 days

01 weak

12- One window in the work site office was blocked by card board boxes and stationery; in the office increased risk of oxygen and light deficiency may cause fatigue and drowsiness due to eyes stress & lack of oxygen supply to the brain.
All the obstructed materials ore to be removed and room to be properly cleaned.
Empty card boards and concern packing materials are to be disposed properly

Provide waste compactor and arrangement for disposal


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