Essay about Asian Cultural Aspect Of Pain Management

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People from different cultures respond to pain differently because every culture responds to pain different medical beliefs. In this essay I will focus on East Asian cultural aspect of pain management. East Asians are people from china, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. People in east Asian cultures tend to endure pain because showing pain is perceived as sign of weakness, health care professionals should not be challenged with complains about pain and also assertiveness is associated with having poor social skills. Showing pain is perceived as sign of weakness in East Asian culture for several reasons. To begin with, patients in this culture may deny pain and not report the pain until it becomes unbearable. According to Tung’s article, “The Chinese people who value stoicism tend to avoid vocalizing with moans or screams or may even deny it while actually experiencing pain. They may feel that revealing and admitting to pain is a sign of weakness” (Tung, 2010).For example expressing pain will affect the patient’s reputation and the patient may also feel embarrassed because they don’t want to be known as a person who s vulnerable. The article also states that in a study of cancer pain in Taiwan, Taiwanese cancer patients indicated pain should be endured and displayed a high tolerance for pain. In addition, another study surveyed a multiethnic sample of 480 cancer patients and discovered Asian Americans reported the lowest pain scores on different types of pain scales. This…

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