Asheville Essay

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Asheville is an eclectic city known for its food fare, arts and outdoors recreation. Yet as the population continues to flourish, several issues are becoming problematic for this small mountain oasis. As Asheville continues to expand, so does the demand for food, housing and employment. In a news article by Julia Richary that was written in the Mountain Xpress, a local newspaper in Asheville, it stated that leisure and hospitality in Asheville’s metro area is the fastest growing industry in the state, growing at a 5.7% rate in the last year (Richary, 2012).
Although this seems beneficial to Asheville’s economy, the growth is problematic because it is unbalanced by low wages.
The lack of competitive pay poses strain on citizens who face
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According to an article in Mountain Xpress by David Forbes, in Asheville, about 500 people experience homelessness on any given night, and more than 3,000 people experience it throughout the course of a year; 38% of them are veterans and 11% are children (Forbes, 2008). The Housing Urban Department (HUD) defines homeless as any “individual in emergency shelter, including domestic violence shelters, in transitional housing for homeless persons who originally came from the streets, emergency shelters, or any places not meant for human habitation such as cars, parks, abandoned buildings, bus/train station, streets, campgrounds” (HUD, 2012).
Below is a chart from the 2012 Point in Time count of the homeless population in Asheville. “The Point-in-Time Count” collects basic information on individuals who are experiencing homelessness in the community. Each year on 25th of January, these counts are conducted within a 24- hour time frame, to determine the number of people that are homeless, and to gather information about the persons experiencing homelessness (HUD, 2012). The count collects basic information on the people who are in shelters, unsheltered and/or experiencing homelessness in general.
Below is chart of

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