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Demographic Correlates Of Drug Use

CHAPTER OVERVIEW_____________________________________

• Certain segments of the population are more vulnerable to drug use and abuse than others.

• Men are generally more likely to use drugs than women.

• Whites are more likely to report drug use than either Hispanics or blacks.

• Cultural, economic and historical features contribute to unique experiences and problems associated with drug use

• Drug use varies in prevalence and type across different age groups

• The extent and nature of drug-using behavior varies by social categories

• There are social as well as individual factors that account for patterns of
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Sex: physiological characteristics of men and women are biologically derived. b. Gender: differences in the way that men and women are expected to behave, to look, etc. 2. Males are more likely to use drugs recreationally than females. 3. Men use more illegal drugs, as well as alcohol and tobacco, than do women, which is consistent with deviant behavior in general. C. Onset and socialization of drug use among males and females 1. Although most early studies of gender differences have suggested that men begin their drug careers earlier than women, findings are not universal. 2. Freeland, Campbell, and Bowker suggest that males are more likely to be “carriers” of marijuana, meaning that they are more likely to introduce females to the drug for the first time. 3. Voss and Clayton find that transmission of drug use to new users-commonly called “turning someone on” to drugs-typically takes place during the first two years of one’s own use (the honeymoon). 4. Curiosity and the influence of friends and relatives are the two major reasons cited by both males and females for initiation. a. Women are more likely to indicate the influence of others than men. b. Peer acceptance was a reason given by men more than women. c.

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