Artist Public Appearance Agreement Essay

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The topic I picked for this research paper is "Artist Public Appearance Agreement". In this research paper, I will be explaining the process leading up to retaining the artist for the performance or appearance and what the agreement could entail. Such things as selecting the artist to the workings of the contract with the artist or artist's manager.
First, we need to start from where agreement comes into place. As a concert producer, you need to think about selecting a artist or artists for the performance. Also the date in which you wish to have the artist make the appearance. You will need to pick a date that will give you enough time to work out all the bugs and prepare accordingly for this event. You need to think of what
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However, to make sure both parties fully understand their rights and obligations, even an agreement for one show should be written. A performance agreement may only state the basic: who performs; location, date, and hours of performance; manner of performance; amount of compensation for performance; and the manner and form of promotion of the performance." (California Arts, Entertainment and Sport Laws, 2) As you can see a performance does not need to be written for a night or week, but it is advised to do so. You should always be sure of what the law requires with public appearances. Now this is when we start to get to the contract/agreement end of the topic. Now this is a ruff idea of how a public appearance agreement can look. The contract will begin with date, year, and the parties that will be involved from therein.
Also the parties involved will be referred to as in term of the contract. For example, "Joe Hoody" would be referred to as the "producer" throughout the contract, instead of his legal name. The agreement would than read that the parties are mutually agreed as follows: that the producer wishes to engage artist for the performances, the conditions, and the terms from hereinafter that are set. Included in the contract would be the producers name, phone number to reach them day or night. Also the sponsor(s) names address, and phone numbers at which they would be reached at. Next, would be the place that

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