Artificial Intelligence And Human Abilities Essay

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very interesting field of research that extends far beyond the scope of the beginning of Computer Science. Many people were floored at the technology invented that could outperform simple or high levels tasks of human abilities. This subject was only dreamed of in films and the imagination of what the future would look like. Little did anyone know that with the growth of modern science, Artificial Intelligence would launch and take the world by storm. There are many different forms of artificial intelligence and the direction that was very intriguing was the development and maturation of the integration of human abilities performed by computers. Towards the end of World War II, the involvement of intelligent machines started taking over specific jobs. Alan Turing was a British mathematician that may have been the first to discover the abilities of AI. By the 1950s, many other researches were building their careers over computer programming. Within this area of study, many important fields rose; such as, pattern recognition, and information processing which would later help with obtaining medical diagnosis. The interaction between computer intelligence mixed with human tasks came with ease. In Antonietta Grasso’s article she states, “During the next few decades or maybe sooner, the notion of work and whether it is handled by a human or a virtual being will hinge on predictability. Machines will manage the routine while humans take on the…

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