Article Review On How Cultures Around The World Have Been Influenced By Cultural Consumption Of Products And Services

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Tutorial Exercises 255: Article Review 3 Student Name: Faith Pompey
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Summarize what you learnt from the article
The main focus of the article highlights, how cultures around the world have been influenced by cultural consumption of products and services. More specifically, how the Japanese culture over the years has seen their culture indivertibly consumed by Westernised cultures (Granot, Alejandro, & Russell, 2014, p. 66).
In a consumer behaviour context, the diffusion of consumer culture is an important aspect throughout this article with relating culture through consumers, their cultural values, beliefs, ethics and materialisation of objects and their shared implications within society (Solomon, Russell-Bennett & Previte, 2013, p. 465; 491). Although cultures differentiate in countries around the world, understanding this article clearer was shown by the Japanese culture as their influences of products and services were borrowed in Westernised cultures. For example, the Japanese teenage girls use the word ‘Kawaii’ which translates to ‘cute’ in English; as a lifestyle they value through their idols, clothing and products. The popular cartoon Pokemon; Hello Kitty, a cute sized cat that embodies the colour Pink is advertised to young Japanese girls and forces them to purchase products mentioned because they embody cuteness (Granot et. al, 2014, p. 74). In contrast, teenage girls in the US (The United States of America) between the 1960-1990’s associated…

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