Article Review : ' Authoritarian ' Essay

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Review of Literature
This stage of parenting emphasizes blind obedience, stern discipline, which may include withdrawal of parental affection, and use harsh punishments to control their children with. These parents expect their orders and strict rules, to be followed with unquestioned obedience, to be rigorously obeyed (Feldman, 2014). Authoritarian parents don’t explain the basis for the rules, “it’s commanded, therefore, just do it,” or punishment will occur. It’s a “Because I said so,” environment and “what I say goes” (Boundless, 2016). These parents have high demands, but are not at all responsive to their children. According to Neifert (S, & P, 2011), these parents "are obedience- and status-oriented, and expect their orders to be obeyed without explanation." These children are well-behaved, but have very poor social skills inferior to their peers. Consequently, these children have a higher rate of suffering from anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem (Posted, 2013).
Permissive parenting is characterized by a responsive emotional (good thing) and warm fuzzes and a reluctance to enforce rules (bad thing), even when the lack of rules and self-discipline might injure the child. This type of parenting style is typically seen as the indulgent parents who have very few requests of their children and provide inconsistent feedback on desired behavior (Feldman, 2014). Unfortunately, these parents discipline their children very infrequently…

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