Arthur Miller 's The Crucibles Essay example

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Have you ever thought of anybody religious dealing with a complicated situation? In the play, The Crucibles written by the playwright Arthur Miller, is about a witchcraft situation in Salem, Massachusetts that was causing people to lose their lives. There was an intellectual Beverly minister named John Hale who was there to fix the witchcraft situation because witchcraft is known as something to communicate with evil spirits. After spending time in Salem dealing with the problem, he was noticing that people who were to blame manipulated the judges into thinking that they are innocent. A suspect that he was trying to defend was John Proctor, a well-respected farmer who had an affair with an underage minor named Abigail, the main antagonist of this play who took a part of doing witchcraft. And his wife, Elizabeth Proctor who was blamed by Abigail for doing witchcraft got Proctor to be pulled into the witch trials because of a set up that Abigail cause which Reverend Hale noticed other details to why Proctor and the other victims are innocent that made Reverend Hale want to help others by convincing them to lie. During the witchcraft trials, this whole situation changed him to sinning in order to protect innocent people from dying from being accused of witchcraft. In the end of the play, Reverend Hale was motivated to tell the Christians to lie because instead of finding the suspect of witchcraft, he wants people to live and not to suffer in something that they didn’t do so…

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