Arthur Miller 's Death Of A Salesman Essay

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Arthur Miller emphasizes the importance of family relationships in his play “Death of a Salesman.” Through the characters, and their actions, Miller demonstrates to his audience how drastically one person’s actions can affect the rest of the family since everyone 's actions affected each other to some degree. Willy’s actions and attitude greatly distressed himself, his wife, Linda, and son Biff, resulting for all three characters to have realizations in the end. Willy learned that Biff had always loved and cared for him even when Willy felt otherwise; Linda learned that she was never able to live a happy life until Willy died; and Biff, who underwent the greatest epiphany, finally accepted the fact that he should have lived his life for him instead of Willy. Before committing suicide, Willy recognized the love and appreciation Biff had for him because Willy felt otherwise. Since this happened, Willy decided to allow Biff to collect the insurance money, as a parting gift. In an earlier conversation between Linda and Biff, Linda explained how Willy felt that Biff did not care for him the way he cared for her, which is why Willy always responded to Biff with anger. So when Willy saw Biff crying, a sign of compassion, Willy said “Oh, Biff He cried! Cried to me. That boy---- is going to be magnificent!” This meant a breakthrough in Willy and Biff’s relationship, causing Ben to say, “Yes, outstanding with twenty thousand behind him.” This conversation between Willy and Ben…

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