Art Reflection: Them: Images Of Separation

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One of my classes at the University of Iowa allowed me to go to an exhibit in the Old Capital Museum called “THEM: Images of Separation.” This exhibit it a traveling exhibit that will only be on campus for a little while longer. The exhibit has a meaning to it that is very beneficial and I wanted to tell you about what I saw and how it affected me. I hope that this encourages you to go to the museum before it is gone.
The first image from the exhibit that affected me was the “bitch game”. At first I thought that this game was somewhat funny, but then once I was reading the cards it became more offensive to me. In America sometimes women who are viewed as a bitch is a good thing, but in my opinion, if someone was to call me that it would be very offensive. This game really poked fun of that idea and was promoting to teach women how to be a bitch
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The perfect American body is to be a tall woman and be very skinny, which is not average. Women who are overweight are criticized for their body weight and are told to workout and or eat better. Their postcards made fun of these women who are overweight, by comparing them to whales on a beach. The American image of a woman is distorted and unrealistic. Body image and size should never be criticized, because to be born tall and skinny is not common and many women are known to have eating disorders to have this perfect body.
The third image from the exhibit that affected me was of the boy and the open casket. I thought that this image was one of the most powerful; you didn’t need to read what it was about the image spoke for itself. I boy was beaten to death and his mother’s choice to have an open casket so the public would be able to view what happened to him, because he was an African American. I felt really sad and shocked when I saw this gruesome image. Racial discrimination has been happening for years, especially recently of the debate with police

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