Essay on Art Museum : A Surreal Moment For Me

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It was amazing how a visit in an art museum can make a student be more interested or eagerly to learn more about history through art. My field trip to Museum of Fine Arts Houston was an opportunity to see in real life and discover what we have seen in our slides from class lecture. Art had been part of human’s life, civilization or an era. It is consider as one’s perspective in life. It also shows one’s perspective towards its subject. It also expand my idea and understanding of the history and culture of many civilization. I consider my visit in this museum as a surreal moment for me. The museum was filled with sculpture, paintings and equipment from thousand years ago. There are two buildings, each buildings has different sections depends on it subject, like in the entrance you can see right away some sculptures that I can tell originate from ancient roman or Etruscan period. I will provide some pictures of arts from different civilizations with detail about its difference, similarities, cultural importance and etc.
As I told earlier, as you enter one of the buildings you will see right away dozens of sculptures from ancient roman or Etruscan period. Human body and animals has been one of the major subjects in art since the beginning. Human body as a subject provides different meaning, it could be a representation of a God, story, hero, soldier or even a normal civilian. It could be to express its dominance or just to preserve the image of the original subject. There are…

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