Essay on Art Education : A Part Of Our Daily Curriculum

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Growing up, having art as a part of our daily curriculum was important. Throughout the years, some schools find that art education isn’t really a necessity. Personally, I find art education to be crucial to a students’ learning experience. When it comes to art education, it isn’t always about the art; it is about what positive things students can take away from the art. Some of the many positive effects not only help with making students’ art beautiful, but it also helps a student in and out of the classroom. Throughout my early education, I never realized how the things I learned in art class would translate into the classroom. According to Grace Lynch, art can improve your language development. This never made sense to me until I got older. When doing art, we are taught about colors, shapes, and sizes. I remember in one of my art classes we would describe a couple of paintings each day. When I look at objects that surround me, I tend to use the terminology I was taught in my art classes to help me describe them to other people. For example, there is a lamp on my desk. I would describe it as a medium sized desk lamp, it is pinkish/red, and it has a circular shape as its base. Without having learned these terms in art, I may not have same sized vocabulary to describe things as I do today. Along with language development, art can help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination. On one hand you have motor skills, which include using pens, paint brushed, and…

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