Essay on Art : Art And Art

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Art is a personal experience that we must treasure be it from music, architecture or created visual arts. This is what we often depend upon to identify a culture and art truly defines a society. Here in America, depending on which region you are in, you will see vastly different visual art style. One of the best representations of this is tagging on box cars; there you are able to see the vastly different art styling that is shown throughout each region. The different variations lead me to the question,” What function does art serve to society? How do we break art down into objective measurements to understand what an artwork is about?” These questions may lead to the discovery of how we define art, the cultural use of art, and how art and history affect each other. Art is a hard word to define because it could exclude pieces of art just by defining it. Some people try to define art by beauty but therein lies the problem that sometimes art that makes the most powerful statement isn’t pretty. Art that isn’t pretty often display the pain and aggravation of the human experience which has its own beauty and won’t be appreciated by all audiences. Art is probably best defined by the audience appreciating it. This is why a can of soup can be considered art; the people who appreciate such works find meaning behind such displays and thereby appreciate it. Probably the most interesting thing about art is that tools that people use can one day become art. I thinks this would be…

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