Pros And Cons Of Public Art

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Art is a driving force for many people and a way that they can express their selves and issues that are happening around the world. It creates a sense of welcoming and shows future generations what their culture was like in past times. However, many artist rely on the use of funds from direct public, private sectors contributions, federal department and agencies. Public art funding can be a good thing for artist but just like anything else it has its pros and cons. It provides artist with the funds they need to be able to buy art supplies and things they need to create their masterpieces. It helps communities have pieces of art that can be viewed generation after generation and allows the public to explore the unknowns about art. Even though it may take years to sell a piece of artwork and taxes can take a big chunk out of the profit, public art funding allows artist to maintain the supplies that are applicable to their needs so one can display their sense of creativity. Art can have a unique meaning and value to it that can represent both a nation or community. It can be a way to make public aware of past or present issues that are …show more content…
There main goal is to create a piece that can be both beneficial to the viewers and community for later generations. Public funding helps to achieve this by expanding the artist horizons to be able to think more creatively an to explore new ideas in art.Today, public funding are becoming more unequal for artist which is an issue that needs to not be overlooked for future upcoming artist that are trying to make the art world come alive. Every year there are new art innovations happening making art more advanced than ever before. As the art world keeps broadening more use of public funding will be needed to allow the artist to achieve new heights and to continue to

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