Art : Art And Art Essay

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Art is not just about the appearance, but is also about the fine details that are hidden within the painting. Aristotle stated, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” ("Art Quotes"). What makes art significant is the observer who is looking at the painting. An artist can paint a painting to mean something, while the audience thinks it is something else. Using elements and principles in art help the audience towards what the artist is trying to communicate. In visiting the Northville Art House, there were many paintings from local artist on display, but one stood out. The paint is called Self-Portrait by Janet McClintock. The Self-Portrait painting got the attention with appearance of elements and principles in a way that emphasizes the focal point.
A focal point in any painting is “the element in a painting that pulls in the viewer 's eye, that is the center of attention or the main subject” (Boddy-Evans). In the painting, Self-Portrait, McClintock had emphasis the turtle and egg. The turtle is inside an arrow pointing up towards a white contoured oval resembling an egg. The turtle has fine, clear and has precise detail. The artist uses symbols as a way to communicate the meaning or idea of the painting that would be hard to display. The Self-Portrait painting uses a turtle and egg to communicate the meaning of life and fertility ("Turtle Power Animal Symbol of Mother Earth Fertility Protection Support…

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