Arranged Marriage? So, What? Essay

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Arranged marriage ? So, what ?

Starting off, I would like to address that instead of interviewing two couples

for this project, I interviewed three couples just so that I can compare them. I

had so much fun doing it. I interviewed my parents, my grandparents and one of

my siblings. So I am going to classify my parent and my grandparent as an older

couple and the younger, my generation couple would be my brother and his

wife. From my observation, when the older couple was answering their question,

they seem more calm, playful, cheeky whereas when the younger couple who

participated in this interview, they were more serious, and straight to the point.

It’s funny because I was expecting it to be the other way round. I also would like

to state that all of the couple that I interviewed were married couple who had an

arranged marriage and are currently living together. So I saw a lot of

difference compared to other couples.

So, for the older couple that I interviewed which are my parents and

grandparents, they had a very similar style of love I would say. They are both

very loving and still going so strong until today despite the arranged marriage

background. I see the difference in these arranged marriage couple because they

literally fall in love with each other only after marriage, and they did not have

much time to know each other before marriage. From their stories, I found out

that both my mother and my grandmother were against…

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