Pronged Marriages

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In the Western culture, it is typical for people to choose their own partner and then ask for the approval of their parents. While in non-Western cultures arranged marriage are more common among their society. In an arranged marriage the parents are whom seek the partner of their children (Kunz, 2013). Americans typically marry for love, however in other countries such as India, Africa, and Asia, arranged marriages are a common practice. “Almost 95 percent of the unions are arranged marriages” in India (Kunz, 2013, p. 124). The high rates of success of marriages are correlated to the high rates of marital satisfaction. According to the study of Bowman and Dollahite (2013), a common misbelief is that arranged marriages are forced marriages. …show more content…
Based on a study by Bowman and Dollahite (2013), it is shown that one of the factors that led to a successful marriage was the share of religious beliefs among the married couple. In this study the participants were from India and were in an arranged marriage. The method of the study was through a set of interviews. In the study one of the participants responded that religious rituals were a big part of the life of him and his spouse. Other participants also showed that religion plays a big role in the arranged marriage. For the majority of the time, the married couple said that the time spent together involved mostly religious activities. Religion is the main way that the couple interacts so with the similarity in religious beliefs the married couple will be able to create a greater bond between each other. Another benefit of arranged marriages is that the couple getting married has similar family values. According to Bowman and Dollahite (2013), the participants also showed that the success of the marital satisfaction was due to similar family centered values. The culture in Indian families values marriage and family. The arranged couple holds mutual respect for their elders and family. The way to show love toward each other is by demonstrating that they care for each other’s family. It is expected that the wife cares for the in-laws and the same is expected for the husband. The value of …show more content…
One drawback of arranged marriage is that it can result in divorce. Among non-Western cultures divorce is not very common so it is very shameful to their tradition when it happens. Non-Western cultures are not as accepting of divorce as in Western cultures. It is viewed as a shameful secret. As a result, the married couple could continue in the marriage because they want to avoid all the social shaming. Some issues that contributed to the divorces of these couples were lack of respect in the marriage and poor communication skills (Bromfield et al., 2016). Prior to the wedding the couples are strangers to each other. They know little of each other which can mean that before the wedding they had little to no communication. During the arranged marriage they must develop communication skills. If the development of communication fails between the two it can lead to misunderstandings and problems. Also, when the couples begin to communicate they might have opposing views on different subjects which can create a collision between the couple. Related to the poor communication skills is the issue of lack of respect among the relationship. Another disadvantage of arranged marriage is that woman can be oppressed. Most of the wives in the arranged marriages are designed to be housewives. The lifestyle of the arranged marriage is of a traditional family living jointly with extended family members. The wives

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