Sex And Gender Roles In Hinduism Marriage

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Marriage Assignment

In Hinduism marriage, is a religion that joins two individuals for life for that they are to pursue dharma ¬(duty), artha (possessions), Kama (physical desires) and moksha (ultimate spiritual release) together for life, becoming a union of two individuals as husband and wife as it is recognised by the law . Hinduism has traditional rituals for the consummation (an act of sexual intercourse between the two pairs), as then it is considered a complete marriage . In Christianity marriage is defined as a “complementing union between a man and a woman in which the two physically became one in a whole of life” . A Christian marriage reflects the relationship with their God, working together to serve him.
2) Identify the religious practices and perspectives on marriage, sex and gender roles that you will explain, analyse and compare.

Hinduism practices include going to their temple, where ceremonies take place, the Sadhu some Hindus choose to leave their homes and dedicate their live to the spiritual disciplines, Puja, a religious ritual that Hindus do every morning after bathing and dressing before they eat or drink and Hatha Yoga, is usually a movement of the meditative movement performed by a person. In
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Praying to God is really important and the participation in the rites and communion. The perspective of the sex in Christianity is said to be something that is to be taken seriously and used in the God’s service and not as a toy . Sex is something created about God, it is not meant to be dirty. Sex was created for pleasure and to create intimacy of a couple. However the bible does not agree with having sex before marriage, as it was created for those who are married. The Christian perspective on marriage is that they have to reflect the God’s image which is between a husband and a wife for that they were

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