Aristotle 's Virtue Ethics : A Good Moral Character Essay

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Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics People seek to live well and to be treated well. In order for people to live well and flourish, it requires a good moral character. A good moral character fostered during early development that into adulthood becomes second nature. A moral character that becomes second nature through repeated actions described as having virtuous moral traits. Virtue Ethics that Aristotle describes as “a trait of character manifested in habitual action.” (Rachels EMP 161) Virtues such as courage, generosity, honesty, and loyalty to family and friends that Aristotle believed help to answer the question “What traits make someone a good person?” (Rachels EMP 159)
Virtuous Traits and the Golden Mean Those virtuous traits that people find appealing to have such as courage are somewhere between two extremes of foolishness and cowardness. In the middle is courage or what Aristotle refers to as the “Golden Mean.” (Rachels EMP 162) A person’s reason and wisdom is required to have the desired end result. A person would not want to subject themselves to intentional harm that would result in defeat unless safeguarding a loved one. On the other hand, a person should not turn away from someone even a stranger that they can keep from harm. Most people will show courage in the face of danger even for a stranger and in some cases sacrificing their own life. There is no greater gift or generosity than to give up one’s life to save another.

Aristotle maintains,…

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