Aristotle 's Influence On Government Essays

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, tyranny is defined as a “cruel and oppressive government or rule.” One of Aristotle’s biggest fears in regards to government was tyrannical rule. Tyranny rule is when a person or group in charge puts their own opinions or beliefs before the mass’. It is very evident from history that tyrannical governments ended badly. Some countries went as far as making it nearly impossible for a tyrant to take control. Aristotle believed that if this tyrannical type of government took over a state, it would be the beginning of the end. This type of rule could and will eventually lead to the end of any society because the people and well-being of the state are getting put second to the tyrant’s. Aristotle was a philosopher from Greece. He studied under Plato at the Academy. It was at the Academy that Aristotle was first exposed to philosophy. The flame was lit, once Aristotle was exposed to philosophical thinking, there was no turning back. Aristotle did many things with philosophy. But perhaps none are more important than his thoughts on politics and government which he talked about in his book Politics. Politics is a book written by Aristotle, discussing how governments should run. There are eight books (each a chapter within Politics), each one highlights a specific topic within government. Types of regimens, citizens, education and ways to build and destroy a regime are all examples of chapters within Politics. In Chapter four,…

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