Aristotle 's Definitions Of Oligarchy And Democracy Essay

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Based on Aristotle’s definitions of Oligarchy and Democracy, can America be considered a true democracy? Aristotle points out several forms of government throughout his “Democracy and Oligarchy”. In this work, Aristotle focuses primarily on democracy and oligarchy and makes a strong effort through the use of definitions to distinguish between the many instances these two forms of government are able to exist in and the differences between the them. Using Aristotle’s definitions, let us diagnose America and see if she can rightfully claim democracy, first by explaining what the two types of government consist of and then by picking through a few characteristics of America. “Democracy is the form of government in which the free are rulers” (63). What does Aristotle mean when he says, “the free are rulers”? He is simply referring to those that typically fit into the category of poor and majority. Therefore, a democracy is a form of government in which the majority rules, and this majority is typically made up of the poor. This sounds fairly decent until a reader continues in Aristotle’s piece and finds that democracy does not stop here. There are several different instances democracy can find itself under. It appears as though Aristotle believes there are five main types of democracy and underneath those several other forms. One of the five main types involves a “multitude” that has “...supreme power and supersede(s) the law by their decrees”(67). This type is very different…

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