Aria By Richard Rodriguez Summary

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What does bilingual mean? It means having the ability to speak two languages. In the passage Aria, by Richard Rodriguez, it focuses on the author’s life in which he came from Mexico, whose family decided to adopt English as their main language. This story has impacted me because my situation when I arrived in America is somewhat similar to that of Rodriguez life. Learning English isn’t easy especially when a person is new to the country. I think it’s better if bilingual education wasn’t taught in English. It could cause miscommunication the individual when learning Basic English. It could also damage their traditional home setting. Finally, everybody has the freedom to speak whatever language they desire. Rodriguez’s family came from …show more content…
I didn’t like when the nuns came into Rodriguez home and telling his family to get rid of Spanish in the home. That’s not the way to learn English. Getting rid of Spanish is like getting rid of your Hispanic ethnicity. The language is what sets someone apart from the rest of the world. Since, I’ve been in America, no one, not even my ESL teacher told me to not speaking Somali at home. The way I learned English was by reading a children’s book each night, watching television shows and by looking at the way my classmates talked. Honestly, it took me a year before full grasping the language. As each year when by, my English was perfected. Now, people ask me if I was born here and they’re surprised when they say I no. However, after learning English, never once I have forgotten my own language. I was born in Kuwait and I learned Arabic, but I forgot the language when I move to Somali to live my grandma. Then I moved to Kenya and learned Swahili, but since coming here, I forgot all about it. However, it’s okay because I didn’t lose my home country’s language. I think Rodriguez should’ve embraced his ethic roots despite what people think. Becoming Americanized is not something great. A person loses his sense of individuality that sets them apart from the rest of the

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