Essay on Arguments Made in Take the Tortillas Out of Your Poetry

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Arguments Made In Take The Tortillas Out Of Your Poetry
Even though the cultural and veiled censorships have to do with why they won't let his book be read, he talks about why he wrote the novel, that it was a reflection of his childhood, and that censors only paid attention to one detail and that was the so-called bad words in Spanish and they used that as an excuse because the novel did not meet the criteria of the circumstances. The censors used a technique where they zoomed in on one detail of the novel and made it seem that because it was in Spanish, it had profanity in it. Rudolfo Anaya made a great point when he said that if we leave the tortillas out of our poetry meaning cultural values, then the cultural we're portraying will go
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The most important reason is we are in a way told what is best with what we should read and that these censors are at work in all areas of our lives is because “There is only one magazine that tells you what is right and what is wrong with our cultural life today.” “Do you sometimes have the impression that our culture has fallen into the hands of the barbarians?” And, finally, “Are you apprehensive about what the politics of ‘multiculturalism’ is going to mean to the future of civilization?” (Rudolfo Anaya 72). Rudolfo Anaya then goes on to tell us that the editor is telling us that he knows what is right or wrong with cultural life which then goes on to call those types of people, “barbarians.” The barbarians are then identified as those who come from multicultural communities of this country. That was a type of censorship that was focused against the National Endowment for the Arts in the halls of Congress in 1990. The censors attacked a couple funded projects because they did not agree with the works of the novels. The censors took those rights to keep these works away from us. He then concluded to say censors are afraid of our liberation. Censorship is un-American, but the censor keeps telling you it is the American way.
I do not think it is right that Rudolfo Anaya and other Chicano poems or stories get judged because they are written from a different point of view and their culture is

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