Arguments For An Evaluation Of An Argument Essay

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Analyses of arguments require an evaluation of another person’s argument. The analysis task presents an individual with a short passage where he or she makes a case for a given action taken or interprets the events to provide supporting evidence. An individual who does the analysis of an argument has the duty to examine the existing claims and assess them critically. The major points considered during an analysis of an argument are evaluating the existing logical connections and evidence used. Analysis of arguments presents an individual with the opportunity to assess another person’s use of supporting evidence and the logical connections.
Rhetorical questions play a major role in the analysis of arguments. They are defined as questions that are asked to lay an emphasis or for effect on a given discussed point without any given answer expected (Metzger 85). Rhetorical questions are common in the analysis of arguments. They usually have general effects on the arguments. People use rhetorical questions in the analysis of arguments to make their works look natural. Besides adding a natural feeling to the analysis of the argument, rhetorical questions create an atmosphere of dialogue. During an analysis of an argument, a reader develops a feeling of conversing with the writer as he or she may feel that the writer is addressing him or her (Stainton and Ezcurdia 243). Also, rhetorical questions play a major role in the pushing forward of a given argument. Rhetorical questions…

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