Sports Argumentative Essay

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Name: Robbie Milheiser

Youth in Competitive Sports Argument Essay

Did you know that one third of our country is obese to this current day which leads me to believe that kids should play in competitive sports for multiple reasons. One reason being that ⅓ of kids and teens are obese so if more kids join sports, then the rate of diabetes go down. Another reason being that they can develop trust for their teammates and for their coaches. My last reason would be that competitive sports can teach many life skills that will help you throughout your life.

My leading reason is that one third of the United States of America is obese. If all kids and teens join a sports team, then the rate of diabetes will go down. I know that injuries can happen often while playing competitive sports. By the time kids reach the age of 15 years old, 80% of kids drop out of sports. (Kelly Wallace 2016) I also know that the injuries can cause serious damage but if their coach teaches the kids and teens the proper fundamentals then the amount of injuries per year could dramatically drop. The average amount that a football team practices is 6-7 and a half hours a week. In 30 minutes of playing football, you burn 360 calories. That means that if you practice for 6 hours a week, you will be burning 4320 calories.
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While playing sports, kids have to work with each other to become the best team that they can be. In the beginning of my football season right after tryouts, my coaches had us do train track which is where you have to step between each others legs while running. We had to be able to trust out teammates to not step on us during the drill and we couldn't move. That was a big confidence builder for me that I could trust my teammates during during practice and during games. That's my second reason of why kids should be involved in competitive sports because they can develop

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