Argumentative Essay: What Makes A Disney Princess?

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What makes a Disney Princess a Disney Princess? Who decides which princesses are the “Classic” princesses and therefore being forever crowned in THE Disney Princesses club? But I believe that there is an unjust system in picking these childhood role models, and these prejudice choices cause some princesses to be crumbled up, thrown away and never to be given a second thought on why you don’t see them on your lunchboxes, backpacks, shirts, glasses, video games, bedspreads and so much more! I WANT JUSTICE for these characters like Jane from Tarzan, Nala from The Lion King, and Meg from Hercules! These ladies tragically didn’t make the cut because of Disney’s absurdly high standards. To Disney it is all about the ratings and how much money they snatch from our children’s pockets which are OUR pockets, but I see this as a chance to bring new insight into these Disney "Disposables". …show more content…
To become a Disney Princess, by Disney’s standards, the character has to be born royal or marry royal, not be the star in a sequel, cannot be an animal, or the character has to embark on an act of true bravery. These rules are crass and are formed to Disney’s very frugal liking. Jane and Meg make at least one of these qualifications Nala should be in this group but Disney created the “cannot be an animal” rule just to keep her out of it! Meg, Megara how can I begin to discuss her utter worthiness to be a charactered princess. Meg like the any other princess falls madly in love but her love is soon given to the horrifying hands of Hades and she selflessly gives her soul to Hades for her loves return, but he tragically leaves her when he's set free. That to me is a selfless act of

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