Argumentative Essay On War Veterans

War Veterans risked their lives fighting for our country, but after the war, they struggle to adjust back to normal life. Some soldiers go through hell on Earth fighting for our country. They see unimaginable things and acts of inhumanity that scar them for life. Nevertheless, when they get back from the war, they still struggle with society along with unable to cope with their war experiences. and usually are unable to adjust back to a healthy normal lifestyle. Treatment with War Veterans must enhance, including how society respects them and how they help them recuperate, because what they experience in the wars they fought will affect them for the rest of their lives, for better or worse.
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It also shows how affected their lives are because of it and how even though they risked their lives for our country, they aren’t getting the treatment and respect they deserve. Soldiers will always be in “combat mode.” “ Bear always sleeps with a knife under his pillow… He lives … in a rural community where few people lock their houses, no one locks the car, and many leave the key in the ignition. Bear is fanatical … —forcing his family to lower the blinds at sundown, and he "walks the perimeter" every night before bed looking for snipers and ambushes. ”. When people go into the military, they will use the skills and rules they learned there the rest of their life because those rules kept them alive in the war. This can make it hard to adapt back to a normal and healthy lifestyle. But there’s also the problem that War Veterans aren’t getting proper treatment they need. “Treatment in the VA since the mid-1980s has only partially stabilized Wiry. He remains highly symptomatic, highly mistrustful, and highly explosive.” Since he is still showing symptoms, clearly the treatment isn’t working. This will affect his mental/emotional health and his social life. Going off to war will affect soldiers for the rest of their lives, and advances in their treatment must be made because they deserve and need better than what they are receiving. But in order to get treatment, they need a fair evaluation and a proper

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