Persuasive Essay On A Transgender Community

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Living in fear of losing a job, being denied rights by the government, and the fear of being brutally killed should not be crossing the minds of people who are trying to do things that make them happy. Many transgender people live in constant fear of these things for simply being themselves, and doing what makes them feel comfortable in their own skin. The transgender community faces a lot of discrimination and progress is not coming as quickly as it is for the rest of the LGBTQ community. Transgender men and women, like homosexual men and women, meet many hardships after deciding that they want to come out, but unlike them their journey is a bit harder. Many basic human rights are stripped from them, and that should not be the case, for anyone choosing to accept themselves. Someone who is transgender runs the risk of becoming homeless, have a higher risk of losing their lives, and receive little to no help from the government.
From a young age kids are taught in schools and at home to be themselves. They are shown to do what makes them happy, and to find their sense of
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Many people however are much harder on Transgender people to keep up with what is considered normal for a certain gender. Transgender women would be expected to want to simply be household wives, constantly wear highly feminine things, and are expected to completely renounce anything that they liked as males. This however is not what being transgender is about. “Frequently, Transgender people are held more accountable for upholding the gender binary, than non-transgender, or cisgender, people.” Like everyone else they are diverse individuals with multiple interests, but instead all of that is stripped from who they are as a person and they are only left with what they should be, and what they should

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