Argumentative Essay On The Deep Web

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“The Hidden Web”, or more commonly referred to as “The Deep Web”, is a section of the Internet that is not indexed by standard search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etcetera. The key reason for this is due to the fact that standard search engines cannot directly access data that is held in databases, which in turn makes it enormously difficult for search engines to index. So, if standard search engines and browsers cannot access the Deep web, what can? Also, what are some of the leading motives for which people embark into the Deep, Dark Web to begin with? Even though the average, ordinary person may have no business to conduct there, there are both benevolent and malicious individuals who may use the Deep Web for either sheer casual leisure, or for illicit, nefarious purposes. …show more content…
The Deep Web, or namely the “Tor” permits these individuals these types of freedoms. On the other hand, as previously mentioned earlier, there are malicious individuals who use the Deep web for a variety of illicit purposes. For instance, there was found to be an abundance of criminal activity on this particular Deep Website called the “Silk Road” – a place where people bought illegal drugs, as well as an assortment of other illegal contraband. In addition, this website had gained copious amounts of publicity and infamy before “it was shut down in 2013 for its illegal activity and transactions, and it is estimated that the marketplace had accumulated 1,400 vendors, 957,079 registered users, and had brokered more than 1.2 million transactions worth $214 million dollars, according to the FBI.”

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