Argumentative Essay On The Dark Web

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From the Government and activist groups such as Anonymous taking on Jihadi websites to people trafficking other human beings, drugs, weapons, and much more, shows that the deep web is quite the controversial place. The deep web holds the most information in the known internet and is accessible to anyone that learns how to surf it’s contents. The deep web offers a free space where people can go to have anonymity and even fight injustices in the world as the activist group Anonymous does. However, not all of the content found in the deep web is rainbows and sunshine but is filled with darkness. The farther one digs into the deep web, the more that person is subjected to the dark web.The dark web offers criminals a hidden place to get away with drastic injustices such as running a black market and where sick people can fulfill their fantasies.
The deep web was first looked into for the reasons of people wanting anonymity. Society is running out of places where they feel their privacy is not being invaded and places that do not show their identity. Today there are even more growing concerns
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There was an organization known as the Silk Road that managed all of the transactions and illegal products being sold. This caused some concern for people because they felt that they would get into trouble if they were to accidentally stumble upon this area of the dark web. Andy Greenberg, author of “The Silk Road’s Dark-Web Dream Is Dead” shared in the article that two years ago the FBI had shut down the Silk Road and said that “the Silk Road’s dream has died”. This action brought peace and discomfort amongst deep web surfers. They felt more comfortable knowing that such a horrible part of the deep web has been taken down but yet feel uneasy because now they know that the government still could possibly find them in the deep

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