Essay On My Worldview

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Since I never thought about the issue of my worldview, I had to think for a while about what my worldview is. As I read through the entire list, I found out that I am between a lot of worldviews, such as agnosticism and apatheism. Since my parents didn’t really have any religion, I felt it wasn’t necessary to have a religion. Maybe this is the reason why one of my worldviews is agnosticism, since I believe God doesn't exist.
To justify my world view, I have relativistic and absolute truth examples. First of all, I have to clarify that even though my worldview is kind of in between agnosticism and apatheism, I have to say that my tendency of the worldview is kind of skewed to the apatheism. Some people who believe Christian theism might say
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They are always prone to make mistakes. This quote was once viral in Korea network, maybe because it brought up a lot of consensus from people. According to this statement, we can infer that since we are not perfect, we can make mistakes and come up with wrong conclusions. Thus, we cannot really rely on ourselves; our memories would also be inaccurate. Since human memories are not really reliable, we cannot wholly rely on our memories. However, other than that there are no other sources. So what I am saying here is that since we don’t really have other external sources to rationalize, we have to combine other sources, such as sense experience and external evidence, to get the best solution for each challenge. Radical skepticism is the attitude that being so pessimistic about all the knowledge and neglects all the facts about everything. This kind of attitude can be very dangerous and scary since you are not only eliminating the unnecessary facts but also removing the essential facts, since you are being passive to information. This kind of thinking can backfire since it is also eliminating the facts that you need. So it is rather better to stay in the state of being ignorant about the existence of God and doubt about

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